Elevate Your Laundry Routine with Sustainable Packaging

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Doing laundry is an essential task for every household, but detergent ingredients and packaging can be significant sources of waste.

Addressing the concerns and needs of consumers who take the ingredients and packaging of their laundry detergent seriously can help improve brand recognition and decrease your environmental footprint.

And for those who aren’t aware of the impact of their detergent, sustainable liquid packaging is a great way to inspire them to create more environmentally friendly habits.

Today’s Laundry Industry Trends

As you explore ways to better align your brand’s products with the needs of your audience, it’s important to stay in the know on today’s trends. Here are several recent trends:

1. Energy-Efficient Machines

Environmentally conscious consumers are interested in finding ways to consume less energy. Not only does this help lower carbon emissions, but it also contributes to lower energy bills. It’s a win-win situation for consumers.

Energy-efficient washing and drying machines are gaining popularity to put consumer’s values into action.

2. Green Detergents and Formulas

In a similar vein, we’re seeing a growing demand for laundry detergents and formulas that are free from harsh chemicals and products. Not only are many of these more natural detergents eco-friendly, but they also tend to be easier on skin.

3. Highly Concentrated Formulas

Consumers are also interested in highly concentrated formulas because these recipes remove unnecessary ingredients, leading to a number of benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: A small amount goes a long way, so consumers can do more with less.
  • Eco-friendliness: This formula requires less packaging and a smaller packaging size, which leads to less fuel to transport detergent and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Convenience: Smaller packaging makes it easy to store and handle.

4. Fabric Care

Laundry products and technologies are evolving to cater to specific fabric care needs. This includes innovations in fabric softeners, stain removers, and detergents tailored for delicate fabrics or specific types of stains.

5. Transparent Packaging

Clear packaging or windows in the design allow consumers to see the product inside. These are becoming more common today because transparency builds trust by allowing customers to assess the product's quality and quantity.

6. Rethinking Packaging

Some brands are rethinking packaging altogether. Although there are many sustainable packaging innovations on the market today, many brands are moving to recycled packaging or minimized packaging.

To minimize packaging, some brands have created laundry detergent sheets that swap plastic for cardboard. Another zero-waste laundry brand uses concentrated detergent that dissolves in water.

Other brands are rethinking the design of the packaging. Brands have minimized certain parts of the package, such as the dispensing cap, to reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging.

Enhancing Sustainability with the AeroFlexx Pak

With all these advancements in laundry packaging, our goal is to make laundry day as convenient and sustainable as possible.

Here’s how we’re making that happen with the AeroFlexx Pak, our innovative sustainable liquid packaging solution that is made of flexible material but designed to act like a rigid bottle.

Impact- and Water-Resistant Packaging

Our airframe technology protects the liquid and ensures it keeps its shape, even if it’s dropped. The self-sealing valve avoids spills and messes.

Quality Assurance

Our tamperproof packaging keeps the laundry detergent free from contamination to maintain a high-quality product.

No Cap Necessary Solution

Because the Pak opens with an easy tear and contains a self-sealing valve, a cap isn’t necessary. This reduces overall packaging waste by optimizing packaging sizes, using lightweight materials, and eliminating unnecessary components.

Plus, with precision dispensing, consumers can dose out the appropriate amount. On laundry day, spot cleaning goes off without a hitch.


In addition to the resealable closure and precision dispensing, compact packaging makes the Pak easy to store. Plus, it can be used with just one hand, making laundry day that much simpler.

Introduce Your Customers to a Hassle-Free Laundry Routine

The values of your consumer base have changed. Offering sustainable products is no longer something a small subset of your audience wants—it’s becoming a core need.

Ready to make a difference? Contact us now and get started.

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