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As consumers become more aware of their environmental impact, household product brands are finding ways to create products that are sustainable while remaining convenient and easy to use.

One place this is becoming more frequent is at the kitchen sink. With the right dish soap in the right package, consumers can rest easy knowing that they’re using products that make life a little easier while striving to reduce their environmental impact.

Current Trends in the Dishwashing Industry

Consumers navigate a number of considerations when it comes to choosing the right dish soap and household cleaning products. Currently, the industry is faced with needing to address trends that revolve around the effectiveness and environmental impact of products and the usability and design of packaging.

Dish Soap Effectiveness and Sensitivity

A few of the most common causes of consumers’ dissatisfaction with dish soaps include:

  • The dish soap doesn’t effectively remove grease, tough stains, or stuck-on food from dishes.
  • The strong fragrances lead to discomfort or allergic reactions.
  • Harsh chemicals in dish soaps lead to dry or irritated skin on the hands, especially if users have sensitive skin.

Environmental Impact

As consumers become increasingly aware of environmental impacts, they may be concerned about using products that have excessive packaging or dish soaps that have harmful ingredients.

Container Design

Consumers can become frustrated when the dish soap container causes clogging or difficulty with pouring and dispensing.

Availability of Refills

Some consumers are becoming more interested in refill pouches for the economic benefits. Others might be more concerned with their plastic usage and seek alternatives to reduce their plastic waste. A third group of consumers might have a certain countertop aesthetic they are trying to achieve with a stylized dish soap bottle. In all three cases, these consumers are likely to buy dish soap in large quantities.

Broader Cleaning Capabilities

Consumers may seek dish soaps that not only clean dishes but also offer additional features, such as having antibacterial properties or being better to use on certain materials.

For those dealing with tough stains on dishes, a dish soap's ability to effectively remove stains without requiring extra effort can be a major selling point.

The Key Benefits of the AeroFlexx Pak

One of the crucial components when addressing consumer needs and current trends in the dishwashing industry is to assess the type of packaging you are using for your products.

The AeroFlexx Pak (Pak)—our innovative, sustainable liquid packaging solution—addresses consumers’ need for a convenient, sustainable option for their household products.

Here’s how:

All-in-One Functionality

The Pak’s easy-tear tab makes the consumer's experience easier. The Pak doesn’t have a cap; instead, it has a self-closing top, making it easier to use the product while helping prevent messes and gunky residue on bottles.

This not only makes the experience more convenient but also reduces plastic and streamlines the production and manufacturing process.

One-Handed Use

Busy consumers are looking for products that make their lives more convenient. The last thing anyone wants is a dishwashing process that takes more time out of their day.

The Pak only requires a single hand to use. And because it has a self-sealing valve, once the consumer is done using it, they simply need to set it back in its place without having to close a lid or screw on a cap.

Precision Dispensing

One of the major drawbacks of traditional dish soap bottles is the inconsistency in the amount of soap that is dispensed.

With the Pak, consumers have the advantage of precision dispensing. The amount of pressure on the Pak determines the amount of soap that is released, which makes it perfect for stain removal.

Sustainable Packaging

The sustainable value of the Pak is one of the product’s strongest attributes. We approach sustainability in several ways, including:

  • Using up to 85 percent less plastic compared to a traditional rigid bottle
  • Streamlining shipping, which reduces the number of trucks on the road, shrinking the carbon footprint of the brand
  • ISTA 6 Amazon approval to prevent over boxing and avoid additional plastic or other packing material

Elevate Your Brand Experience

Contact us to learn more about how the Pak could benefit you and your consumer.

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