Meeting the Needs of Eco-Conscious Consumers in the Pet Product Industry

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Most pet owners consider their pets one of the most important parts of their lives. Pets offer companionship, teach responsibility, entertain, and provide unconditional love. Some pets that require us to get up and move around even offer physical benefits.

Considering all of these positive impacts pets have on overall well-being, what do pet owners do for their pets in return? In addition to providing them food and shelter, many pet owners are looking for pet products that are safer and healthier, more convenient for them as pet owners, and align with their environmental values.

It’s a brand’s responsibility to keep up with consumer trends and pivot as needed to meet those needs. Below, we detail some recent trends and the solution that answers the needs of pet owners.

Trends in the Pet Product Industry

When pet owners scan the aisles of pet stores or the online inventory, current trends suggest they bring the same list of preferences and requirements as those they would bring to the grocery store for their own food and products. They focus on finding products that are convenient, high-quality, nutritious, and eco-friendly.

A few of the top trends for pet products are:

E-commerce Demand

Online sales of pet products are expected to continue to grow, with more consumers opting for the convenience of ordering pet supplies, food, and medications online. Direct-to-consumer delivery remains popular, and many companies seek to improve their e-commerce platforms and distribution.

Clean Supply Chain

Pet owners have become more engaged and value-driven, resulting in more human-grade standards for pet products. They increasingly seek high-quality, premium products for their pets that provide insights into where the product is produced, whether the ingredients are organic, and how the products are tested (not on animals and cruelty-free).

Health and Wellness

As part of the humanization of pets, there’s a growing focus on pet health, leading to increased demand for nutritious and natural pet food, supplements, and preventive healthcare products. This trend has caused an explosion in new businesses designed to better protect and pamper pets.


According to Euromonitor International's Global Lifestyles Survey, concerns about the environment and climate change are significantly more prevalent among pet owners than among people without pets. Many of these pet owners actively seek practices and products that have a positive impact on the environment. This trend suggests the need for sustainable and eco-friendly pet care items, packaging, and ingredients.

Aligning Pet Product Trends with the Key Benefits of the AeroFlexx Pak

Brands are paying attention and taking action to address the changing needs of consumers. One way to address the growing trends in the pet products industry is with our innovative liquid packaging solution. To help brands keep up with the need for more convenient, high-quality products that align with eco-friendly values, we created the AeroFlexx Pak (Pak), our innovative liquid packaging solution that’s made of flexible material but designed to act like a rigid bottle.

Here’s how Pak stands out:

Brand Differentiation

One of the best ways for brands to stand out from competitors is by customizing packaging to align brand values with consumers and highlight the uniqueness of products.

With the Pak, brands can differentiate themselves with our product:

  • Rigidity: Our airframe technology protects the product and ensures the Pak keeps its shape, durability, and structural rigidity throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Flexibility: Made from flexible material, the Pak is easy to squeeze and reduces plastic at the source.

Convenience for the Consumer

Consumers require the most convenient product. The Pak opens easily with one tear and closes with a self-sealing valve, saving the user from the hassle of having to close a cap or use a pump while trying to wash the dog with shampoo. The Pak also makes it easy to facilitate portion control with controlled dispensing.

Omnichannel Use

E-commerce is here to stay, which means creating efficiency and cost savings while shipping is becoming more and more important to brands like yours.

The Pak is hermetically sealed, tamperproof, and ready for omnichannel distribution. It’s also Amazon ISTA 6 approved for ships in own container (SIOC), which means whether you ship the Pak in an envelope or box, you don’t need any extra packing materials.


From the start, our commitment has been to create a product that minimizes waste, simplifies the supply chain, and helps brands like yours accelerate sustainability goals.

Our sustainability approach focuses on up-front plastic reduction, elimination of packaging materials, and a full-circle process with curbside recyclability. Shipping the Pak flat reduces the cost of shipping and carbon emissions by reducing the number of trucks on the road.

Let's Drive Sustainability Together

If your brand in the pet products industry is searching for a new route into more sustainable business practices, the Pak is the innovative liquid packaging solution that puts sustainability and the consumer experience first, ultimately delivering brand value to you.

Learn how to get started with the best innovative liquid packaging solution for your brand.

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