AeroFlexx: The Future of Liquid Packaging Is Here

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Companies across personal care, food, household products, industrial, and pet care industries are on the hunt for sustainable liquid packaging solutions that build brand value and meet consumer needs.

AeroFlexx is a leader in sustainable liquid packaging solutions. We’re focused on enhancing the consumer experience while adding value to the bottom line and helping companies exceed or accelerate their commitment to sustainability.

As global laws and regulations requiring stricter sustainability thresholds go into effect, you need to make sure you have a supplier who can meet and exceed your sustainability goals. AeroFlexx has you covered with our innovative design for liquid packaging.

AeroFlexx: The Future of Liquid Packaging Is Here

Why Brands Use AeroFlexx

We took the positive attributes of rigid and flexible packaging and eliminated the negatives to create an entirely new form of liquid packaging, all while reducing the carbon footprint. None of our solutions require molds, making it easier and quicker to design and produce your packaging. AeroFlexx is an all-in-one packaging solution that can simplify your brand’s supply chain and sourcing operations and help you reach sustainability goals.

What Is the AeroFlexx Pak?

The AeroFlexx Pak is an innovative liquid packaging solution designed to act like a rigid bottle by combining the best qualities of rigid and flexible packaging. Our AeroFlexx Paks are purpose-built to not lose shape while also staying flexible. These unique features also mean less plastic used up front and an easier experience squeezing out liquids.

To create the best combination of flexible and rigid packaging in our AeroFlexx Pak, we removed the negatives and kept the positives. The AeroFlexx Pak can even be dropped up to 25 feet without bursting open or leaking, which means a more durable, reliable package and better consumer experience as a whole.

These unique features also mean less plastic used up front and an easier experience squeezing out liquids.

AeroFlexx: The Future of Liquid Packaging Is Here

The AeroFlexx Pak also offers:

Multiple Options to Meet Customer Demand

Our liquid packaging solutions come in a variety of sizes to meet product needs. We offer options between 6-40 ounces. What can you put in the packaging? Anything between 300–15,000 cps is the ideal range. Not only can we customize what you put in your package, but we can also customize how it looks. At AeroFlexx we have a catalog of stock options and the capability for custom designs.

Proprietary Airframe Technology

This unique technology means a spill-free and unbreakable (even when shipped!) package that maintains structural rigidity throughout its whole lifecycle. While traditional bottles will often spill or break during shipping, putting customers at a large cost disadvantage—not to mention creating a large mess—the AeroFlexx Pak arrives to customers in perfect condition every time.

Integrated, One-Tear, Tamper-Proof Valve

You don’t need to find a way to incorporate a discrete closure with this feature. No caps, lids, or pumps are necessary with this type of packaging. Instead, our innovative design opens easily with one tear, resulting in a tamper-proof liquid packaging solution that’s convenient for customers.

One-tear packaging also reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and improves sustainability because caps not only add to shipping costs but also require more plastic, which can ultimately require multiple production facilities. We’ve cut out all of that. Our built-in, self-sealing valve means no extra pieces, weight, or hassle for your customers—and greater brand integrity as a result.

Precision Dispensing

We’ve all been there: You try to get the right amount of product every time, and a quarter of the bottle comes out. The last thing you want to do is frustrate your customers and have them look elsewhere for a different product. The self-sealing integrated valve on this innovative liquid packaging solution enable your customers to dispense the exact amount they need, down to the last drop, with no wasted product or money.

No Gunky Residue

No one likes the gunky residue that gathers around the cap, lid, and pump of a traditional bottle. It’s wasted product that often gets wiped off the closure multiple times throughout the product’s lifecycle. The AeroFlexx Pak self-sealing valve has no buildup—meaning dispensing is not only down to the last drop but also user-friendly. AeroFlexx’s innovative liquid packaging design allows for one-handed, drip-free dispensing and ultimate ease of use.

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